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Stuart Wright Enhances Its Capabilities with a Leading Incident Investigation System

Stuart Wright has recently enhanced its capabilities, particularly in the area of well control, as well as failure investigation and analysis, with Kelvin TOP-SET® methodology.

By adopting a robust and proven incident investigation process, the Stuart Wright engineering team is fully equipped to conduct investigations in a well-structured and detailed manner.

Kelvin TOP-SET® methodology is a complete investigation process, incorporating both incident investigation and analysis components, which addresses all levels of incident ranging from minor to large-scale incidents and fatalities.

Stuart Wright’s incident investigation services include:

  • Investigation of down hole tool failures, e.g. drill pipe failures, drill collars failures

  • Investigation of sustained Wellhead Pressures

  • Investigation of Wellhead movements

  • Investigation of Wellhead seal failures

  • Determine causes of tubing corrosion

  • Tubing failure investigations

From left: Failed Drill Pipe, Failed Saver Sub, Failed Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Investigation of Sustained Wellhead Pressures

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