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Stuart Wright supports Quadrant Energy for Phoenix South 3 Exploration Well

Stuart Wright is pleased to announce that we are supporting Quadrant Energy during the drilling of their exploration well Phoenix South-3, which is located offshore Australia.


The well is being drilled using the Transocean-owned GSF Development Driller-1 semi-submersible rig.

GSF Development Driller 1 semi-submersible rig will be used for the Phoenix South 3 well

Our support for the Phoenix South 3 exploration well includes:

  1. Monitoring and verifying the daily well barrier condition and compliance with company set barrier policies, which will be performed using our proprietary Well Barrier monitoring software, RTBC.

  2. Providing Rig Coach support and to deliver training and coaching directly to rig crew as part of best practices implementation.

For more information on our services, please email us at

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