The oil and gas industry is one which carries an element of risk - it is vital that we balance this risk in a responsible and commercial way.  One way to achieve this is through the use of oil and gas software.



At Stuart Wright we like to think of taking Intelligent Risks and we have spent many man years of effort creating a range of oil and gas software solutions which all promote this mindset. The use of smart software can help companies to ensure they have accurate and available data to allow for well informed and responsive decisions.



Our Intelligent Risk division offers the following products in addition to a range of technologies currently under development:

Well Barrier Monitoring Software
Well Barrier Software
Build. Better. Faster.
Rig Site HPHT Monitoring Tool
Bottom Hole Pressure Management
Well Integrity Safety Device
Well Integrity Blowout Prevention
Well Assessment Integrity Tool -WAiT
Systematic methodology to perform a well risk assessment
Well Assessment Integrity Tool -LiTE
Time & cost effective option for performing wells screening
Mud Gas Separator Optimisation
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