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We believe communication is key to understanding. 


Fast and accurate visual representation of a well helps you make the right decisions, avoid blowouts and stay safe.

We created an application to illustrate the wellbore condition throughout its life.


Brochure, Latest Price List & EULA


Download the AUTO.WELLS brochure here. For our latest Function and Pricing details please contact us. To download our End User License Agreement click here.  

Trial Download
To download a free trial, kindly provide us your contact details via contact us page before a trial download link is provided. We will be happy to arrange a free demo session to show a use case of AutoWells for your company needs.



There are several "Installation" and "How to" tutorials on our Stuart Wright Vimeo channel.

We have also gone live on YouTube, please check out our channel.

Please contact us if you will like to have any tutorials added.

Installation & Setup

Create a well from Scratch

General Feature & Functionality

Case File Examples


Below are several prepared case files examples for various well types and use case applications. Please contact us if you will like to have any case files added.

Example Wellbore Diagram - Planning Phas
Example Wellbore Diagram - Construction
Example Wellbore Diagram - Production Ph
Example Wellbore Diagram - Abandonment P
Subsea Well Type.png
Land Well Type.png
Platform Well Type.png
Barrier Envelope Colour.png


Please contact us if you wish to find out how AUTO.WELLS can help you.

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