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Geothermal Well Drilling Survey Performed by Stuart Wright

Geothermal Well Drilling Survey

Stuart Wright recently completed a pre-spud well drilling survey of an onshore Geothermal make-up well to be drilled in Indonesia.

The survey was performed in accordance with the Joint Rig Committee Drilling Well Review Surveyors' Code of Practice 2018 with the objective "to make reasonable endeavours to ensure that the risks associated with the planned well operations which the Well Review Surveyor is appointed to review are reduced to ALARP in accordance with industry best practice."

The pre-spud survey is an important for any Operator seeking to obtain an Insurance Policy because it contains warranted recommendations which any lack of adherence to or compliance with "shall give grounds for Underwriters to avoid a claim where such lack of adherence or compliance is relevant or contributory to a loss."

Project Scope

To perform a pre-spud survey of an onshore geothermal well in Indonesia, in accordance with the "Joint Rig Committee Drilling Well Review Surveyors' Code of Practice 2018 ".

Project Deliverables

1. Provided the client with an overall qualitative risk ranking for the planned geothermal make-up well, based on a review of key documentation including the well summary, forecast subsurface conditions, drilling hazards, casing design, drilling program, rig and drilling equipment, operator and drilling contractor experience.

2. Produced a summary report of key findings and recommended mitigations to reduce the overall qualitative risk ranking of the well.

The survey was assessed against National Standards, Corporate Policies and, where appropriate, references were made to the New Zealand Code of Practice for Deep Geothermal Wells (NZS 2043:2015) as examples of best practice.

Stuart Wright Geothermal Experience

To date, Stuart Wright has been involved in a number of geothermal projects and studies including, but not limited to:

  • Well drilling surveys

  • Desktop well review on a production well control incident

  • Developing and implementing a Well Engineering Management Systems (WEMS)

  • Developing and Implementing a Well Integrity Management Systems (WIMS)

  • Performing a casing design manual and well design review

  • Conducting a SCADA Concept Study for Remote Annular Monitoring

Our recent geothermal project experience includes the following:

  • 2018: Geothermal Well Drilling Review, Indonesia

  • 2017: Geothermal Well Control Incident & Workover Plan Review, Indonesia

  • 2017: Geothermal Well Drilling Review, Indonesia

  • 2017: Geothermal Well Drilling Review, Indonesia

  • 2016: Geothermal Well Drilling Review, Indonesia

  • 2010: Geothermal Energy Development Pilot, Australia

If you would like to find out more about how Stuart Wright can support your Geothermal operations or in performing independent third party well drilling surveys then please contact us at


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