Which risk assessment approach for Well Integrity should I use?

Well Integrity

Well integrity, perhaps a lesser known concept a few years ago but one which is definitely now at the forefront of operators’ minds, partially fuelled by the high profile Montara, Macondo and other high profile well control incidents.

Risk Assessment

Well integrity is determined from risk assessment.

Risk assessment comes in many facets, and is used in multiple industries. Within well engineering, risk assessment is conducted throughout every phase of the well’s lifecycle: from well planning (i.e. assessing the risk of setting casing shoe depths); to drilling (i.e. running drill pipe to ensure it is within trip margin); to completion (i.e. evaluating well control risk while running completion equipment) and production (i.e. managing annulus pressures). Risk assessment has rightly become a prominent area of focus within well engineering and is something that must be monitored throughout the lifecycle.