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What's new in 2023

Well Integrity Training

  • Recently delivered a customized Well Integrity training to Origin Energy in July at Brisbane. Course includes a section with Deep dive into Corrosion issues which is well received.

HPHT Rig Capability Audit

  • Boarded Diamond - Ocean Apex in Keppel Shipyard for HPHT Rig Capability Survey. Looking forward to support INPEX team on their Basset Deep HPHT with MPD campaign

Well Integrity Training - Regulators

  • We had a good mix of regulators from Northern Territory, Queensland, NSW and WA attending Mar'23 session of our Well Integrity training and robust sharing and discussion around Well Integrity challenges faced in each region.

  • Training materials have also been updated to include a section to discuss latest on abandonment issues and well failure model methodology based on our consulting project experience.

Orphan Wells Project with NT

  • Successful completion of Orphan wells project with Northern Territory Government in Australia to use AUTO.WELLS, our wellbore visualization platform, and Well Failure Model on their Orphan Wells Programme.

  • A total of 15 wells are assessed and ranked.

AUTO.WELLS use by Pan-American Energy, Argentina

  • AUTO.WELLS is in use by PAE Argentina in their operations as their wellbore visualization tool and daily integrity reporting

  • Calibrations have been made to enhance accuracy in details on the diagrams including customised wellheads, and ability to convert to reporting in Spanish!

CCUS monitoring study

  • We are working on collaboration and joint study project with mi-C3 - Affectli, a big data digital transformation specialist in the telcom, mobile tower space to bring together the innovative technology of Affectli and AUTO.WELLS for Oil and Gas, CCUS Storage measuring, long term suspension well monitoring and validation applications.


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