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Stuart Wright offers consulting services for and incident or well blowout investigations acting as independent well blowout experts or witness into loss of well control incidents.  We have worked with a range of government organisations in various countries to help understand the root cause(s) of any well related incidents. We have also recently developed remote incident investigation capabilities.

  • Root cause investigation (on-site or remote)

  • Independent technical review of evidence

  • Deliver technical report and expert witness statement for litigation cases

  • Court appearance of expert advisor

  • Expert witness services for government regulators



Establish the cause of blowouts and protect your organisation from failing in the future using our proprietary deep learning techniques.


Our skilled blowout investigators scrutinise all elements of the well project Preparation Phase; regulation standards,  barrier policies, prognosis, design, rig equipment, casing design, fluids selection, cementation, completion, intervention, barrier plan, Bottom hole Pressure management plan, boundary limits, contingencies, risk assessments, decision making, MOC’s, reporting, and documentation.


For the well construction phase we conduct a forensic investigation based on the design boundary limits, and all controls in established in the Preparation Phase. Our team are highly experienced at scrutinising all digital data sources whether downhole or surface data to align operational parameters with evolving well data and identify underlying trigger points in the uncontrolled event.


Our unique and proprietary barrier condition tracking system, RTBC is used to reconstruct events on the well from spud all the way to the loss event. With precise and scaleable wellbore diagrams, and with actual barrier validation results from the evidence, we are able to graphically illustrate the trigger events leading to the loss event.


This precision allows you to shine a light on the true cause of the uncontrolled loss, giving your organisation the gift of learning to Ensure the event does not happen again. Our encrypted cloud database RTBC system gives you the option to share your ‘deep learnings’ with the rest of the industry in a growing database of forensically examines blowouts.


This process works just as well for an exploration, development, production, suspended or even abandoned wells. Our clients range from Government regulators, to Operators, and Underwriters. We have experience of loss of control events in N.Sea, Australia, GOM, Indonesia and our wells experience is global.


You can read our case study here or please feel free to email or call us for further details, we’d be delighted to help you.

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